Covering a wide variety of topics and current events, Christmas will share knowledge, tips, and tools from her two decades of experience in the spiritual and personal development industry.

Episode 5

Lily Sanders

No matter what someone’s story is, Lily is not about holding onto stories. Rather she teaches others how to stop seeing themselves as victims and instead learn how to use these experiences to become an empowered expression of love and truth. Teaching others how to hold onto that love and truth while navigating through life situations is what...

Episode 4

The Power of Focused Intention

  Because we live in unprecedented times, it’s vital to become positive, focused, and proactive with our intentions and actions. Because when we do, everyone benefits. One thing that’s guaranteed is change. Tune in to this episode to learn the benefits of why you need to set them! Subscribe now, so you don’t miss an episode...

Episode 2

The Power of Perception

Your perception drives your actions, thoughts, and feelings every day. When you think about it, that’s a lot of power! But are you using your power wisely? Tune in and see why it’s important that you create your own narrative and understand the Power of Perception and the impact it has on your life experiences.  Subscribe now, so you...

Episode 1

Welcome to The SageFroots Podcast

  I’m your host Christmas Miller, certified Life Coach, Intuitive Consultant, and Holistic Health Practitioner. I’ve been working in the personal and spiritual development industry for two decades, providing insight, clarity, and wisdom. The SageFroots Podcast will inspire, educate, and help you create a life you love – on...

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