No matter what someone’s story is, Lily is not about holding onto stories. Rather she teaches others how to stop seeing themselves as victims and instead learn how to use these experiences to become an empowered expression of love and truth. Teaching others how to hold onto that love and truth while navigating through life situations is what she mirrors and masters.

Some highlights shared today include:

  • Why Lily wrote her book Truth to Triumph: A Spiritual Guide to Finding Your Truth.
  • The importance of identifying your natural Self
  • Why Love is the key
  • Breaking Generational Patterns: Teaching our children to love through experience.
  • Fear and Self-Blame: The thieves that rob you of joy and how to let them go.
  • The importance of practicing happiness every moment of each day.
  • And more!

On a spiritual level, Lily encourages self-inquiry. “Who am I?” And in that self-inquiry, “Am I doing things that serve my highest Self? Am I fully aware of consciousness at the soul level as it plays out in the physical world?” She uses these self-inquiries as tools to help us transform.

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